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Author: Ron Graham


False Prophets
—2nd Peter 2:1-22

This page is a study of Second Peter chapter two. This chapter is comparable with Jude's letter, and concerns false prophets who lead people into heresy and apostasy.

1 Their Success

2Peter 2:1-3a

The first thing we observe about the false prophets is that they succeed and "many will follow" their teachings and ways. We also get some insight into how their success is achieved...

2 Their Doom

2Peter 2:3b-9

For all their success, however, they "bring on themselves swift destruction"...

3 Their Evil Nature

2Peter 2:10-18

Peter now writes passionately about the nature of these false prophets. He warns us what they are really like...

4 Their Reprobate State

2Peter 2:19-22

Peter now sums up his condemnation of false prophets. He quotes an apt and vivid proverb to express their reprobate state...

Peter’s condemnation of false prophets helps us to understand the important distinction between a false teacher and someone who is teaching falsely by mistake.

Apollos was not teaching the truth on baptism, but he thought he was, and he had no intention of deceiving. He needed to be corrected, but he was not regarded as a false prophet (Acts 18:24-28).

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