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Author: Ron Graham

Hard to Hear God

Hard to Hear (2)
—Sometimes God’s Truth Hurts

Another page of points taught in the Bible that many folk find hard to hear. This page is about people’s attitude toward the Bible.

They Have Not Listened

Everyone has a relationship with God. We are either in friendship with him, or in rebellion against him. Your relationship with God depends on whether you listen to His Word or refuse to hear it. Those who listen become more righteous. Those who don't get more and more sinful (Jeremiah 7:26).


A Way that Seems Right

People travel through life, and direct their steps, by their own assumptions and feelings. The wise, however, walk the way taught by God in his word: the way that leads to life (Proverbs 14:12).

the way

For Our Learning

The Old Testament was not written as law for us to obey. It was written for our learning to direct us to Christ Jesus. His law is sufficient for us.

written of old

Don't Add to Scriptures

People like to mix their own doctrines with God's word. They may even claim that God speaks to them. But Paul tells us that the Scriptures of the prophets and the apostles are fully sufficient and therefore nobody should add anything to them.

scripture complete

Rightly Dividing

False teaching is often the result of adding to the Scriptures or taking something away. However, false teaching can also come from wrongly dividing and wrongly applying the Scriptures. For example, making people today obey laws that were meant for people of the past.

rightly divide


Do you know how the Bible is put together, how its various documents are grouped, and where each book fits into the history of God’s dealings with human beings? We have a chart that shows you. Tap the title above, next to the arrow, to go to that chart with a link back to this page.

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