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Author: Ron Graham

Hard to Hear God

Hard to Hear (3)
—Sometimes God’s Truth Hurts

We present more hard sayings, teaching in the Bible that people find hard to hear and difficult to believe. This page is about sin and God’s Law...

The Judgment Seat of Christ

Some things everyone must do. They have no choice. To stand before Christ on Judgement Day is one of them. Those who have been well known to him beforehand will not have their bad deeds remembered and they'll be judged on their faithful obedience to Him (2Corinthians 5:10).


The Soul Who Sins Will Die

Be warned! Your sins can harm your family even for generations to come. However, children do not bear guilt for the sins of their parents and ancestors. You are condemned, and your soul dies, because of your own sins. Your children are condemned only for their sins. Whilst harm can be passed on to future generations, neither guilt nor spiritual death are passed on (Ezekiel 18)

grapes ezek18

The Mission of Christ

There's a great spiritual battle going on in our world. Christ's mission is to destroy the antichrist and all evil. He provides us the armour to help Him in this battle (Ephesians 6:10-17)

destroy devil

Obeying God’s Law

We do not decide what is right or wrong. God is the law maker, so He decides what is sinful. People don't want to be accountable to God, but we all are accountable, whether we like it or not. We must obey God's law (1 John 3:4)

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All Have Sinned

The wages of sin is death and the soul who sins will die. Be warned! We cannot break God’s law without breaking our connection to the life of God. Having done this our only hope is to be justified and redeemed by Jesus Christ who shed His blood for us. (Romans 3:21-26)

all have sinned

Lawless and Rebellious

People think God makes laws for followers of Jesus, and if you don’t belong to Jesus, you aren’t subject to his laws. But you are then judged by God as lawless and unholy. So you need to follow Jesus and obey his commandments.

1Timothy 1:8

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