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Eternal Is the Earth Eternal?Examines the question of whether the earth is eternal or whether it will be destroyed.

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Eternal death The Eternal StatesOf the seven possible states for the human soul, two are eternal states which will apply after the judgment of the world at Christ’s second coming. These are the final states, and there are no journeys out of them.

Eternal death The Four Deaths Man Can DieSome people may die all four of these deaths. Many will never experience any of them.

Eternal Life Beautiful Life UnendingChrist gives you the promise of life everlasting (1John 2:25). This is God’s promise to everyone who tries hard to obey the commandments attached to this promise. God makes a promise in the Bible, that the blood of Jesus Christ takes away the sins of those who believe in him and follow his word. Such will receive beautiful life unending (1John 1:7, 5:11-13).

Eternal Life Eternal Life THREAD List of Bible lessons on the topic “Eternal Life”, from’s study pages.

Eternal nature More About Jesus (1John)Following on from the previous lesson, we look at John’s view of Jesus in a more general way.

Eternal security Perseverance of the SaintsCan a saved person cease to be saved and become lost again? The doctrine of the perseverance of the saints says “No”. Is that right or wrong?

Eternity This Age and the Age to ComeThe New Testament sometimes compares or links “this age” with “the age to come”. It's important to discover what is meant by these terms.

Eternity Three TimesThree spans of time that each of us is involved in. The first span is small, the second large, the third infinite.

Eternity What Eternity Lacks(Revelation 21-22 overview)  The closing chapters of Revelation make us think about eternity, especially what eternity lacks. When we leave this present temporal world and enter eternity, some things we take for granted here will be no more and gone forever.

Ethiopia Acts FactsWhat the book of Acts tells us happened in Ethiopia. Includes a map of the region.

Ethiopian eunuch Life Changing WordsThe Queen’s treasurer from Ethiopia had been to worship in Jerusalem. As he sat in his chariot on his way home, travelling the lonely road, he was reading from the book of Isaiah. The passage he was reading, when Philip ran up to his chariot and greeted him, was Isaiah 53:7-8.

Ethiopian eunuch Grace and the EthiopianIn this lesson we consider the Biblical account of the travelling Ethopian, to whom Philip preached about Jesus. He was saved by grace. We can learn a lot from the way he responded to God's grace.

Ethiopian eunuch Who is the Prophet Speaking About?An Ethiopian, travelling by chariot on a lonely road, was reading Isaiah 53. He wondered who the prophet was speaking about. God answered his question.

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Evangelism Successful EvangelismSuccessful evangelism is not measured by numbers. Though few are converted, we may still be succeeding.

Evangelist EvangelistsA Bible study about the special ministry and role of the evangelist in the churches of Christ.

Evangelist WORDS EvangelistSeveral technical or special words in the Bible are studied and explained in our glossary. This lesson provides a word family, definitions, Greek/Hebrew references, a scripture chain, comments, and links, related to “Evangelist”.

Evangelists Diversity of Gifts and MinistriesThe New Testament church enjoyed a diversity of gifts and ministries for stewardship of God’s manifold grace.

EverlastingSee above under “eternal”.

Evil The Blind Eye of LoveEvaluating the idea that true love sees only the good in people. Is that one of the most dangerous ideas in the world?

Index for Evil

Example as authority Is It Scriptural?Many Christians wish to ensure that all they do and believe has the Lord’s authority. Here’s how.

Example in Scripture The Power of Bible ExamplesIf we would understand the commands and ways of Christ, we need the examples that Scripture provides. Examples clarify the word and motivate us to obey it.

Examples Great Examples (Old Testament)The Old Testament is valuable to Christians because of the true stories of Godly men and women who are encouraging examples of faith.

Examples (YouTube) The Old Testament (5) Great Examples Watch a 30⁠-⁠minute video, fifth in the series "The Old Testament Today". The Old Testament is a sourcebook of true stories of faithful men and women of God, and also of people who rebelled against God. All these serve as patterns and witnesses to encourage and strengthen us. In this lesson we note a few instances of how the New Testament makes use of these examples.

NoteEXCOMMUNICATE: means to cut off from fellowship, to cast out, disinherit. A synonym commonly used is “disfellowship”. An unscriptural perversion of the practice is known as “shunning”.

Exile of Israel The Assyrian CaptivityThe beginning of the captivities as the larger kingdom (Israel) falls to Assyria and its people are taken away to foreign lands. Includes a table of the kings and prophets of Judah and Israel, plus a short piece on the supposed Ten Lost Tribes.

Exile in Babylon Captivity of JudahIt is the southern kingdom of Judah’s turn to be deported from their own land into exile in a foreign country. God’s instrument in this punishment is Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon.

Exodus 1-14 Adventures of MosesMoses is the link between the time of bondage in Egypt and the time of wandering in the wilderness. He is the one whom God raises up to lead the people to freedom and toward the promised land (Exodus 1-14).

Expansion Acts Facts: Spread of ChristianityIntroduction to the Acts Facts series: The Spread of Christianity and the six parts of the book of Acts.

Expectations False ExpectationsGod’s promises to answer our prayers and make all things work together for good. But don't misunderstand this, or you’ll be disappointed.

Experience Paul the Sinner’s Experience of Christ (1Tim 1:12-20)Imagine that Paul was applying for the job of an apostle of Christ, and Jesus was interviewing him.

Explainer The R in Glory ~ Jesus the RevealerThe PROCLAMATION of Jesus as the REVEALER who manifested God and preached the gospel of eternal life.

Eye The Blind Eye of LoveEvaluating the idea that true love sees only the good in people. One of the most dangerous ideas in the world?

Ezekiel SERIESA series of outlines and notes from the 48 chapters of the book of Ezekiel. Ezekiel’s enactments, prophecies, and visions explained..

Ezekiel Bible Facts About EzekielA List of Bible facts about Ezekiel the prophet. We look at what the scriptures reveal about Ezekiel. Just a neat simple list for reference.

Ezra Adventures of Ezra & NehemiahWell into the Medo-Persian rule, Artaxerxes was king of Persia. Ezra and Nehemiah led the rebuilding, religious restoration, and resettling of the remnant in Jerusalem.

Ezra Facts About Ezra and Nehemiah Bible facts about Ezra and Nehemiah of Old Testament fame.


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