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Tracts Bible Tract ArchiveAdded December 2017. A library of tracts that you can print and also save to your computer if you wish.

Tradition Having Authority From God This lesson examines whether scholarship has any value as authority from God. When scholars and theologians hold something to be God’s truth, is it?

Training Learn to preach and teach SERIESThese lessons concisely summarise the techniques of lesson preparation and presentation in a way that is simple to apply and surprisingly effective.

Transitions Journeys of the SoulOutlines the twelve possible journeys by the soul of man. This chart provides you with a simple introductory study which you can then follow up using the links to more more detailed lessons.

Translation Translatable PoetryWe take an overview of the Psalms, to help us better understand appreciate this Bible book.

Translation Dynamic Equivalence in TranslationAn advanced lesson about dynamic equivalence in translation, using Acts 20:7 as an example

Translation Words and Thoughts in TranslationWhat should a Bible translator convey primarily? The words of the original or the thoughts intended?

Index for Translation

Treat God Treats Us RightGod has chosen us by his foreknowledge (1Peter 1:1-2), The sanctifying work of the Spirit (1Peter 1:2,10-12), Sprinkling with the blood of Christ (1Peter 1:2).

Trembling The Severity of GodThe goodness and mercy of God go together with the severity and wrath of God. Living in the fear of God helps to assure our salvation.

Trials Through Much TribulationPaul endured many trials, and encouraged the disciples to continue in the faith, even through much tribulation.

Trials Endurance of TrialsJames shows us that we can endure trials if we put all the right conditions in place. I have listed six.

Tribal lands Adventures of JoshuaWe look mainly at Joshua’s time, which is covered in the book that bears his name (Joshua 1-24). Includes a table and map of the territories apportioned to the tribes.

Tribes names Kingdoms and TribesTen tribes rebelled against Solomon, and a second kingdom was formed with Solomon’s servant Jeroboam as king. This kingdom was apostate.

Tribes, ten lost The Assyrian CaptivityThe beginning of the captivities as the larger kingdom (Israel) falls to Assyria and its people are taken away to foreign lands. Page includes a table of the kings and prophets of Judah and Israel, plus a short piece on the supposed Ten Lost Tribes.

Tribulation Through Much Tribulation SERIESA series designed to help Christians understand and endure the trials and tribulations that they sometimes experience.

Tribulation Bible Calamities and CatastrophiesA List of disasters, catastrophes, and calamities mentioned or recorded in the Bible. Just a neat simple list of tribulations for reference.

Index for Tribulation

Tribulation Through Much Tribulation (Rev)This study in Revelation helps us understand the troubles and suffering we go through.

Tribulation Seven Nasty Years?Refuting the premillennial doctrine about Israel, Antichrist, and Armageddon.

Troas Acts FactsWhat the book of Acts tells us happened in Troas. Includes a map of the region.

Troas Acts 20:1-16.These verses describe Paul’s week in Troas and his return to Macedonia and Greece during his third missionary journey.

Trogyllium Acts FactsWhat the book of Acts tells us happened in Trogyllium. Includes a map of the region.

Trouble How to Survive TroubleSeven methods by which we can endure trials and tribulations, drawing on the help that God provides. Includes poem, “My Friend”

Index for Trouble

Troubles Through Much TribulationWe have been studying the “four horses of the apocalypse” and the four horsemen who rode them. They represent typical tribulations that human beings must continue to suffer until the end of the world. One human being, because he is the very Son of God, can lead us through all tribulations, even death.

Troubles More Than ConquerorsWe can have a conquering faith in Jesus though we are tested by many tribulations. True faith stands the test and wins victory.

Troubles Jesus Healed All My HurtsLife in this world can be a sad and shattering experience. Jesus helps us to understand our troubles and problems, and to get through them.

Troubles False ExpectationsGod’s promises to answer our prayers and make all things work together for good. But don't misunderstand this, or you'll be disappointed.

Troubles Bondage in EgyptSome of the timeless principles involved in the story of Israel’s troubled times. Their bondage in Egypt, like the story of Joseph’s ups and downs, is instructive for us when we too meet with trouble in our lives.

Troubles Adventures of JosephThe time of the promises to Abraham spans the generations of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It also includes the marvelous story and time of Jacob’s son Joseph (Genesis 35-50).

True Search for the True Church SERIESDenominationalism is in conflict with Christ’s true church. All congregations professing Christ should rediscover that church and restore themselves to it forsaking all else.

Truly WORDS Amen DefinedSeveral technical or special words in the Bible are studied and explained in our glossary. This lesson provides a word family, definitions, Greek/Hebrew references, a scripture chain, comments, and links, related to “Amen”.

Trust Don't Trust These - Trust Jesus There are several things that people put their trust in, but those things are not worthy of trust. Instead trust Jesus. He won't let you down.

Truth Truth in Love SERIESOld articles written for the Australian national magazine Truth in Love of which I was a staff member circa 1960.

Truth How Timothy Knew the TruthExamining how or by what means Timothy knew the truth.

Truth What First John Says About TruthJohn does not want people to be led astray by lies spread by antichrist. John has born witness to the truth and his witness is true because it comes from Jesus Christ.

Truth You Shall Know the Truth (John 8:32)Jesus said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). Although some say we should not analyse the Bible minutely word by word, that's exactly what we are going to do with this statement of Jesus.

Truth Teaching in MoabBy Moses God instructed the Israelites who were on the verge of taking possession of the promised land. God also counselled the nations in that land through prophets such as Balaam (Deuteronomy 1-34).

Truth Untruths About God’s TruthLooks at some of the untrue statements people make about the Bible.

Truth Truth and ErrorThe Bible often mentions truth as opposed to error. Truth and falsehood are among the most basic of all Bible opposites. Read this lesson on truth.

Truth in Love History of 'Truth in Love'This is a brief history of magazines published in Australia by churches of Christ under the banner “Truth in Love”. The history was written and published in 1999.

Index for Truth

Truth, walking in The Well-beloved GaiusThe 3rd epistle of John says four wonderful things about Gaius: he was well beloved; his soul prospered; he walked in truth; he acted faithfully.

Tulip The Five Points of Calvinism SERIESA series addressing and refuting Calvinism, following the useful TULIP acrostic that many Calvinists employ to set out the five main principles.

Two Two Spiritual Kingdoms CHARTabout two kingdoms. They are spiritual kingdoms. This does not mean they are imaginary.

Two The Two Natures of ManMan is a combination of two natures, not one, not three.

Type and antitype Seven Great ChangesOne word that characterises the Last Days, is CHANGE. Seven great foundation changes took place centuries ago when Christ died. These were anticipated in many symbolic “types”.

Tyre Acts FactsWhat the book of Acts tells us happened in Tyre. Includes a map of the region.


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