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Index for those lessons on that are also presented as slide shows. Some will just show in your browser without voice, and you click through them. However some are presented as videos on YouTube. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

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Christian Marks(YouTube) Slide show about Paul’s message in 1Thessalonians 1:3-10. It highlights six marks or characteristics of the Christian. Lesson page

Unlimited Forgiveness(YouTube) Dealing with the question of how many times God will forgive repeated sin. Lesson page

What Happened to Jesus(YouTube) About the question of what happened to Jesus after he arose from the dead? What happened to his body of flesh? What happened to his human status as “lower than the angels”? What happened to the throne he inherited from David? Lesson Page

By What Authority Do You Do These Things?(YouTube) Slides for the lesson about Jesus driving the merchants out of the temple. The temple leaders questioned his authority. We look at their impudence, hypocrisy and dishonesty, and observe how Jesus answered. Lesson Page

Seven Utterances on the Cross(YouTube) Slides for the lesson about the words Jesus spoke while he was suffering on the cross. Lesson Page

Total Religion(YouTube) Slides for the lesson about how true religion involves head (sound doctrine), heart (spiritual experience), and hands (dedicated service). Lesson Page

Seven Precious Promises(YouTube) Slides for the lesson about God’s very great and precious promises (2Peter 1:4). In this lesson, we discuss seven of these promises from God to you. Lesson Page

The Source of All Spiritual Light(YouTube) Discusses the Source of all light for the children of light. First of a trilogy. Lesson Page

The Revelation of the Light(YouTube) Discusses the revelation of all light for the children of light. Second of a trilogy. Lesson Page

Our Loyalty to The Light(YouTube) Discusses the loyalty of the children of light to the One who enlightens them. Third of a trilogy. Lesson Page

Jesus in First John(YouTube) John’s first letter says several things about Jesus. John claims that his beliefs about Jesus are proven and true. Lesson Page

The Times of Jesus(YouTube) A version of the lesson which outlines the ancient times, earthly times, and heavenly times of our Lord. Lesson Page

What Is Your Life?(YouTube) About how people generally are unrealistic about life. The nature of life on this earth is fairly evident, yet people live life as though it were far different to the reality. James asks, “What is your life?” (James 4:14). Lesson Page

Feed My Sheep(YouTube) About Peter’s love for Jesus, and the service that Peter would do for Jesus because of that love. First, we listen in while Jesus and Peter talk to each other (John 21:15-17). Then we consider Peter’s love for Jesus, the hurt that Peter felt, and the task Jesus gave him: 'Feed my sheep.' Lesson Page

Was Paul Crucified for You?(YouTube) About Paul’ reaction when he heard that the Christians in Corinth were no longer united in Christ. They had split into factions supposedly following rival apostles as equals of Jesus. Paul says, “Is Christ divided? Was Paul crucified for you? Were you baptized in the name of Paul?” (1Corinthians 1:13). Lesson Page

Bible Reading Acts Chapter 2(YouTube) Watch and listen while Acts Chapter Two is read to you. It's about the day of Pentecost, the miracle of many languages, Peter's powerful sermon, and Christ's first congregation. Bible Page

Lord, To Whom Shall We Go?(You Tube) About Peter’s question when Jesus asked his disciples whether they would leave him. Peter answered, 'Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life!' However, one of the twelve, Judas Iscariot, did go to someone else. Lesson Page

Jesus in His Youth(You Tube) This lesson looks back some 2000 years, to the days when Jesus was in his youth. What do we find Jesus doing, which we could imitate in our lives? He was certainly not just killing time. The Bible says that Jesus was increasing in wisdom, stature, and favour (Luke 2:52). Why not be like him in this 21st century? Lesson Page

What Shall It Profit?(You Tube) Here's a lesson on the question Jesus asked, as to what you would profit by gaining the whole world at the expense of your soul. You must dedicate and sacrifice your soul to his cause. To save your soul you must lose it! You must deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow him. Lesson Page

A Time for Gifts(YouTube) This video is about the three marvelous gifts in Galatians 4:4-6. There are special times when people give gifts to each other to show their love. God also has a time for gifts and he wonderfully blesses humankind. Lesson Page

Is Jesus God? 12 Verses Say Yes(YouTube) This lesson simply presents 12 verses of scripture that clearly show the divinity or deity of Jesus, in other words that Jesus is God. We don't make any comment, but let the verses speak for themselves. Lesson Page

Other Slide Shows (Not on YouTube)

The following slide presentations are not on YouTube (yet). The slides will just show in your browser without voice, and you click through them at your own pace.

Body and SpiritSlides for the lesson. There is an idea held by some, and rooted in ancient gnosticism, that our fleshly bodies do not receive the same salvation as do our spirits.

God Guard, Goad and Guide YouSlides for the lesson from Acts 20:31-32, part of Paul’s farewell speech to the Ephesian elders. We find three ways in which God helps us.

She, Widow of ZarephathSlides for the lesson based on First Kings 17, the widow of Zarephath. She sets us a fine example of Godliness.

Mind and BrainSlides for the lesson about the false idea that the human mind and soul is the fleshly brain.

What Shall I Do, Lord?Slides for the lesson about the question Paul (then known as Saul) asked Jesus, “What Shall I do, Lord?”. Paul switched to a personal commitment, an obedient response, and a loyal subjection.

Don't Forget to PraySlides for the lesson about the various things that prayer does, and why we shouldn't neglect to pray.

No Night ThereSlides for the lesson about Revelation 22:5, which says of Heaven, “There shall be no night there”.

So You Are a King?Slides for the lesson about the question Pilate asked Jesus, “So you are a king, are you?” Pilate’s question and Jesus’s answer, show us three lacks: Pilate’s lack of faith, the accusers’ lack of truth, and the disciples’ lack of violence.

Why Be a Skeptic?Slides for the lesson about being skeptical of the claims of people today to have special miracle working powers or gifts....

God Will Take Care of YouSlides for the lesson about the promise, “Cast all your care on God, for he cares for you” and three things we should know about God

Salvation QuestionsSlides for the lesson. A study outline answering five important questions about salvation.

How Satan AttacksSlides for the lesson about how Satan attacks our faith and assurance in God. However, God always helps us to survive these attacks with our faith strengthened rather than destroyed. In this lesson we consider three of Satan’s strategies.

The Three Appearings of JesusSlides for the lesson about Christ’s appearings present, past, and future.

John’s Seven DeclarationsSlides for the lesson on Revelation 1:5-7, looking at John’s prologue to the Book of Revelation. We consider the seven declarations that John makes about Jesus Christ.

What Kind of a Covenant is the New?Slides for the lesson about how covenants come in three sorts, and which kind Christ’s new covenant is

How To Be HappySlides for the lesson. A study about happiness through putting yourself last.

The Undenominational WaySlides for the lesson. A study of seven important aspects of undenominational Christianity.

What Has God Promised?Slides for the lesson about three wonderful promises that God has made to us all

How God Answers PrayerSlides for the lesson about God’s part in prayer. It is unseen and unfelt by us; nevertheless, God does respond wonderfully. This lesson examines how God responds to the prayers of his people in three marvelous ways: intercession, providence, and good pleasure.

Is There No Balm in Gilead?Slides for the lesson about why people do not come to the Great Physician for spiritual healing.

Sowing and ReapingSlides for the lesson about an almost perfect analogy of life. We can hardly do better than to see life as a process of sowing seed and reaping a harvest and to take care how we sow.

Sure of SalvationSlides for the lesson about the absolute assurance of salvation that all Christians should have as they consider how they will stand before God on judgment day.

Highest, Mightiest, GreatestSlides for the lesson about Romans 1:4. Paul represents Jesus Christ our Lord as a man above all. He has been granted the highest mark, the mightiest power, and the greatest miracle (his resurrection)

Why Worship Together on Sunday?Slides for the lesson about three passages in 1Corinthians which together show that the Lord requires Christians to assemble every Sunday and to participate in worship in five ways.

What is the Church?Slides for the lesson in which we we give three Bible answers to the question, “What is the church?” and we also explain what the word “church” means.

Second Coming 1st ThessaloniansSlides for the lesson analysing what Paul teaches about the second coming of Christ in 1Thessalonians 4:13 to 5:11.

Questions About the UniverseSlides for the lesson about how the universe began.

Lest Anyone Should BoastSlides for the lesson about the principle that salvation is by grace, not of works lest anyone should boast.

More Devil’s DevicesSlides for the lesson revealing three more devices or schemes that the Devil uses to get an advantage over us.

The Devil’s DevicesSlides for the lesson revealing three devices or schemes that the Devil uses to get an advantage over us. We should not be ignorant of these devices.

Six Things We'll Enjoy in HeavenSlides for the lesson about the hope of Heaven, a main theme in the book of Revelation. In this lesson we take an overview, looking at six amazing things we will enjoy in heaven.

A Jealous GodSlides for the lesson about about Old Testament quotes saying that God is a jealous God, and other quotes that make this jealous God appear cruel, vindictive, and unjust.

The Aims You SetSlides for the lesson about following God’s purpose in your life, being a living sacrifice, and setting true goals for yourself.

Who Was Born in Bethlehem?Slides for the lesson. Who was the baby named Jesus born to Mary in Bethlehem? We find three answers: He was the Son of God, Christ the Lord, Jesus our Saviour.

Mary, Example of MotherhoodSlides for the lesson about three things that show Mary to have been an exemplary mother, a pattern for all mothers who want to excel in the responsibility of motherhood.

Christ Is All (Colossians)Slides for the series in Colossians about the all-sufficiency or fulness of Christ.

The Beginning, the End, and BetweenSlides for the lesson about continuing in the faith. In Colossians, Paul tells us how our Christian lives on earth began, and how they will end. But his main concern is the middle. Between the beginning and the end, we must continue in Christ.

Why the Holy Spirit Dwells in UsSlides for the lesson about the purpose of the Spirit’s indwelling. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit, in every obedient believer in Jesus Christ, is clearly taught in the gospel. The purpose of the Holy Spirit’s indwelling includes at least seven blessings, each starting with S.

At the CrossroadsSlides for the lesson about the times of challenge and change in your life when you will likely meet Jesus at the crossroads. Our text: “Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, wherein is the good way, and walk therein” (Jeremiah 6:16)

Seven Lovely ThingsSlides for the lesson taking seven key verses from Paul’s letter to the Galatians.

Who Are You?Slides for the lesson about how to know who you really are through the enlightenment that Jesus can give you, and how to understand the tough road that life can be.

But What is Right?Most people want to do what is right. But how do we know what is right? Who defines what is right? Each individual? The world? God? We need to know, because it is a very serious mistake to be wrong about What is Right.

The Authority of JesusSlides for the lessons about the authority of Jesus Christ. Authority makes doctrine true. No doctrine is the truth unless it has the right authority, and no authority is valid unless it is based squarely on truth. Jesus Christ passes this test.

I Will Build My ChurchSlides for the lesson examining Christ’s statement “I will build my church” (Matthew 16:18).

Four Deaths People Can DieSlides for the lesson looking at the four different deaths spoken of in the Bible.

Lessons from JudeSlides for the lessons in Jude’s short letter. It is the second last “book” in the Bible, and a very interesting document. There are four parts to the letter: Introduction, Reminders, Condemnation, and Exhortation.

Pleasing GodSlides for the lesson about how, once you become a Christian, you have a duty to God as much as he has a duty to you. God will bless you in every way, but you must respond by doing what pleases him.

Handling the Bible ArightSlides for the lesson about six simple principles that help us to read, study, and understand the Bible well, and to handle the word correctly.

Happy New You!Slides for the lesson providing seven tips for the year ahead. As another new year begins, and everyone is wishing you a happy new year, how are you going to help that wish come true? How can you become a happy new you in this happy new year?

Anchors in the StormSlides for the lessons on “Anchors in the Storm” —about understanding and coping with tribulations. These five lessons were prepared for the Over 50's Retreat in May 2013.

Turning Sorrow to JoySlides for the lesson based on Isaiah chapter 53.

Man of SorrowsA companion to the lesson Man of Sorrows from Isaiah 53. It is not the same lesson. The slide show presents three ways in which God turns sorrow into joy through Jesus Christ.

Three Kinds of FriendshipSlides for the lesson about three realms of friendship: —being friends with other people, with yourself, and with God.

Love Covers a Multitude of SinsSlides for the lesson about the statement made by Peter and James that love covers a multitude of sins. We examine how love reacts toward sin.

Throne, Scepter, AnointingSlides for the lesson. A lesson on Hebrews 1:8-9 (Psalm 45:6-7) about the throne, scepter, and anointing of our Lord Jesus Christ the Son of God.

Six Things We'll Enjoy in HeavenSlides for the lesson about the hope of Heaven, a main theme in the book of Revelation. In this lesson we take an overview, looking at six amazing things we will enjoy in heaven.

If a Man Dies, Shall He Live Again?Slides for the lesson about Job’s question in Job 14:14. You could hardly think of a more important question than this. Is death the end of a person, or is there hope that death is temporary and the dead shall be raised up to live again?

Did God Really Say?Slides for the lesson about the first question recorded in the Bible. It was asked by the serpent in the Garden of Eden. “Did God really say that you must not eat from a tree in the garden?” (Genesis 3:1). We learn a lot from observing how the serpent, Adam, and Eve, each handled the word of God.

Do You Not Know?Slides for the lesson about Paul’s challenging question, “Do you not know that as many of us as were baptized into Christ were baptized into his death?” (Romans 6:3).

What Does the Lord Require of You?Slides for the lesson about Micah’s questions in Micah 6:6-8. He asks, “With what shall I come before the Lord?” and “What does the Lord require of you?” The passage shows that God requires your dependence, your attention, and your righteousness.

Brethren, What Shall We Do?Slides for the lesson about how, on the Day of Pentecost, the crowd asked the apostles, 'Brethren, What shall we do?' We compare the account in Acts 2:37-40 with a statement attributed to Max Lucado, “My only contribution to my salvation is my own sin”.

Who is the Prophet Talking About?Slides for the lesson about an Ethiopian, travelling by chariot on a lonely road. He was reading Isaiah 53. He wondered who the prophet was speaking about. God answered his question.

What is Truth?Slides for the lesson about Pilate’s snide question “What is Truth?”. It's an easy question to ask, especially in the spirit in which Pilate asked it. But what is the answer?

Jeremiah the ProphetSlides for the lesson about about the preaching and sufferings of Jeremiah. A sad story, yet encouraging.

The Love of GodA version of the lesson The Love of God. God’s love is universal; anyone can find it. God’s love is conditional; all must keep it. God’s love is unchangeable; everyone can trust it.

Where Are the Dead?Slides for the lesson about Hades or Sheol, the place of the dead. Includes comment on the Rich Man and Lazarus (Luke 16)

Who Has the Truth?Slides for the lesson about the source of truth and historic departures from it.

What is Speaking in Tongues?Slides for the lesson about the miraculous phenonema xenoglossia, the Biblical miraculous gift of tongues, compared with the common practice of glossolalia today.

What is a Day?Slides for the lesson about whether the Last Days are a short period or a long age. Examines the surprisingly important Bible meanings of the word day.

How Was the New Covenant Instituted?Slides for the lesson about how the New Covenant came through a unique mediator, from a unilateral origin, with universal application.

How the Bible is Put TogetherSlides for the lesson about the manner in which the books of the Bible are arranged. This information will help you to read and study the Bible more intelligently.

Is That “Dead” Church Really Dead?Slides for the lesson looking at seven reasons why a church accused of being “dead” may not be dead at all.

The Lord’s Supper, Anywhere, Anytime?Slides for the lesson about whether the Lord’s Supper can be shared anywhere at anytime, and whether the assembly for the Lord’s Supper on the first day of the week is just a Church of Christ tradition without real support in scripture.

Listen to JesusSlides for the series of lessons built on some of the great sayings of Jesus.

The Power of ExamplesSlides for use with the lesson The Power of Examples If we would understand the commands and ways of Christ, we need the examples that Scripture provides. Examples clarify the word and motivate us to obey it.


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