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Satan Is Satan Equal to God?discusses whether God and Satan are opposite equals.

Satan Sin, its Source and SolutionThe source of sin is not God’s law, or our flesh, or Adam. What then is the source of sin?

Satan God’s wrath and Satan’s evil SERIESThseries is about two things we should not fool around with. God can save us from both, but be warned, he will only save us on his terms.

Satan Satan at WarSome people think of the war visions as describing physical battles, one between the Satan and Michael in the long distant past, and the other between Satan and Christ in the very near future. In fact, these visions symbolise a spiritual battle (but a real battle nevertheless) being waged in everybody’s present life and experience, including yours and mine.

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Saturday (Acts 20:7) Dynamic Equivalence in TranslationAn advanced lesson about dynamic equivalence in translation, using Acts 20:7 as an example.

Saul, king A King Over IsraelTension between the will of God and the will of man. God would rather that he alone be Israel’s king, but they wanted a human king so God yielded (1Samuel 8-15).

Saul, king Adventures of DavidThe time in which David, not yet king, grows in power and popularity among the people. King Saul is envious and furious, and he sets out to kill David.

Saul of Tarsus Adventures of PaulThe dawning of New Israel, like the dawning of a new day, was to sweep around the globe. So the Lord appointed other apostles and preachers. Paul was notable, not only for the work he did, but also for the manner in which he was called.

NoteSAUL OF TARSUS: a persecutor of the early church. He later became Paul the Apostle after his conversion in Damascus (Acts 9).

Saved Saved in Three TensesThere are, so to speak, three tenses of salvation: we have been saved, we are being saved, and we shall be saved.

Saved from wrath The Gospel is the PowerThree kinds of power in the gospel... the power to enlighten, to save, and to establish.

Saved God’s Living WayGod’s way of salvation leads to the eternal life of God. Why few find it and keep hold of it.

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Saviour The Y in GLORY ~Jesus Your SaviourThe PURPOSE of Jesus to be YOUR SAVIOUR who can give you fellowship with God.

Saviour Salvation (Wonderful Words)Christians commonly talk about “salvation”, their “Saviour”, and the need to be “saved” yet some are vague about what doctrine lies behind these terms.

Saviour Jesus Our SaviourWhat do we mean when we call Jesus our Saviour? What does he do?

Saviour WORDS Salvation DefinedSeveral technical or special words in the Bible are studied and explained in our glossary. This lesson provides a word family, definitions, Greek/Hebrew references, a scripture chain, comments, and links, related to “salvation”.

Scholars Having Authority From GodThis lesson examines whether scholarship has any value as authority from God. When scholars and theologians hold something to be God’s truth, is it?

Science Seven Questions Scientists Cannot AnswerScientists do not yet know the answers to these seven simple questions. Therefore no scientist can rationally take the position that there is no God.

Scripture The Main Way God SpeaksComparing the advantages of the written word over oral revelation.

Scripture The Importance of ScriptureThe Bible is important. It matters that we believe it. This lesson will show three reasons why the scripitures are so basic to the Christian's faith. The Bible is the throbbing heart of our faith. Tear out that heart, and our belief system is dead.

Scriptural Bible Authority SERIESThese lessons address the principles of Bible interpretation, and how one derives authority for what is taught and done in the name of Christ.

Seal The Seal of God SERIESFundamental and foundational teaching (starting with 14 important points) about God’s promises, oath, and seal, guaranteeing eternal life through Jesus Christ

Seal of Spirit The Promise, Oath, and SealSets out the plan of the series on the Seal of God.

Seal of Spirit Sure of SalvationCan we be sure of salvation? The Bible gives the clearest promise, fairest conditions, and strongest confirmation possible.

Seal of Spirit Perseverance of the SaintsCan a saved person cease to be saved and become lost again? The doctrine of the perseverance of the saints says “No”. Is that right or wrong?

Sealed Only Saints are SealedThree point Bible study: (1) All the saints are sealed, (2) Only saints are sealed, (3) All the saved are saints.

Search Search simplybible with GoogleHow to search simplybible on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, or similar search engines.

Search Search for the True Church SERIESDenominationalism is in conflict with Christ’s true church. All congregations professing Christ should rediscover that church and restore themselves to it forsaking all else.

Seasons in Revelation The DragonAbout the Dragon, the Beast, the False prophet: the three Beasts in Revelation 12-13.

Second blessing? Sanctification (Wonderful Words)We look at five characteristics of saints and of their sanctification or holiness: purification, separateness, fellowship, enlightenment, and loyalty.

Second Coming 2nd Coming THREADList of Bible lessons on the topic “second coming”, from’s study pages.

Index for Second Coming

Second death The Second DeathThe Beast, the False prophet, the Dragon, and all who follow them, are thrown in turn into the lake of burning sulphur, “the second death”.

Second Thessalonians 2nd Thessalonians SERIESThis series is a verse by verse study of Paul’s second letter to the Thessalonians. The letter is divided into five topical sections.

Second time The Second TimeA tract by Ron Graham published in the late 1950s by a group of young Christians.

Secrecy Abstinence and SecrecyWhy private drinking of alcohol does not solve the problem of adverse influence, but total abstinence does.

Secret counsel Unconditional ElectionHas God unconditionally chosen or elected some people for eternal life, whilst passing others by?

Security The Missing SecurityThe disciples set out in their boat with Jesus aboard, yet they did not rely on Him. Learn by their mistake.

Security of saints Perseverance of the SaintsCan a saved person cease to be saved and become lost again? The doctrine of the perseverance of the saints says “No”. Is that right or wrong?


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