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Author: Ron Graham

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Glossary of Bible Words
—Definitions and word studies

Word list with brief description of linked word study. Each study includes Word family, Synonyms, Definitions, Greek references, Scripture chain, Comments, and Links to related lessons. Touch any word next to an arrow in the list below.

Abba —with Hosanna, Maranatha, and Hallelujah.

Alleluia —or Hallelujah, with related words.

amen —the word at the end of a prayer.

apocalypse —the Greek word for revelation.

apostle —the twelve, Paul, and false apostles.

appoint —or ordain to an office.

atonement —or reconciliation through Christ.

baptism —the original meaning and practice.

belief —or faith in Christ for everyone.

bishop —pastor, overseer, shepherd, elder.

boldness —in word and work, death and judgment.

calling —God calls us, and we call upon God.

Calvary —Skull (Golgotha, Kranion, Calvarius).

Christ — (or Messiah) the Anointed One.

church — Christ's called out body of people.

confession — (A) of Christ, (B) of sin.

covenant —testament, will, law from God.

deacon —diakonos, servant.

elder —pastor, overseer, bishop, presbyter.

evangelist —preacher of the gospel.

faith —(or belief in Christ) for everyone.

gift — charisma, ability from God.

glory — the Greek word δοξα (doxa).

Golgotha —Skull (Kranion, Calvarius).

grace —God's merciful kindness saves us.

Hades —(or Sheol), world of the dead.

Hallelujah —or Alleluia, with related words.

holiness — sanctification, saints.

Hosanna —with Abba, Maranatha, and Hallelujah.

intercession —by Christ, Holy Spirit, believers.

justification —Being made righteous by Christ.

Maranatha —with Abba, Hosanna, and Hallelujah.

Messiah —Christ the Anointed One.

ordain —appointment to ministry.

overseer —bishop, shepherd, elder, presbyter.

parable —Definition and several examples.

Paraclete — the Holy Spirit our Comforter.

pastor —shepherd, overseer, bishop, presbyter.

penitence —repentance, change of heart.

predestination —God's purpose and plan.

presbyter —overseer, shepherd, elder, bishop.

priest —All believers are priests.

prophet —Prophecy principles in the church

rebirth —regeneration, born again.

reconciliation —or atonement through Christ.

redemption —liberation, freedom, forgiveness.

regeneration —rebirth, born again.

repentance —penitence, change of heart.

resurrection —of Christ, and of believers.

revelation —Christ's gospel and his advents.

saint —holiness or sanctification.

salvation — by grace from wrath through faith.

sanctification —the holiness of saints.

Sheol —(or Hades) world of the dead.

testament —a will or covenant law from God.


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